—  What is the Northgate Development



—  Work to date

Time Line


Interchange Groundbreaking

Northgate Groundbreaking

Begin onsite development



Masterplan site and conduct comprehensive costing

Prepare Master Development Plan and Development Agreement

Initiate offsite infrastructure construction



Develop and adopt County MPC Zone and other ordinance updates

Land Assembly and ROW negotiation

Due Diligence –

  • Water and Sewer
  • Power
  • Access
  • All Other Utilities and Requirements
Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
— Jonathan Swift
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What is the Northgate Development?


Northgate is a master planned development in Pocatello, Idaho. The development encompasses several thousand acres and features:

  • A true live, work, and play community design.
  • Excellent quality, affordable homes in a walkable and bikeable context
  • 1 Million square-foot office/tech park that will ultimately support 6,000 jobs
  • Integrated retail and shopping district
  • 10k residential units at buildout

The Pocatello talentshed is amazing

One way employers evaluate locations is based on the number of students in higher education within the nearby "talentshed". There are more than 188,000 students within the 200-mile talentshed surrounding Pocatello. Compare this with the 44,000 students in the Boise talentshed and it's easy to see why Pocatello is special.


Regional Growth

By the year 2040 Boise is expected to grow by more than 440,000 and the Wasatch Front is expected to grow by more than 789,000. This regional growth is pushing those markets away from affordability, and toward new urban challenges such as poor air quality, traffic jams, and sprawl.  Pocatello can absorb some of this growth efficiently, and without fundamentally altering its excellent pace and quality of life.



Pocatello is unmatched in its combination of affordability, quality of labor, and business friendly environment. While housing in Silicon Valley is almost four times the national average, and Salt Lake/Boise markets push toward 1.5 times the national average, the cost of housing in Pocatello sits at less than 80 percent of the average.  Affordable housing is one of the greatest challenges the Millennial Generation will face, and Pocatello is part of the solution.


When will you start/finish construction?

The Northgate I-15 Freeway Interchange construction will begin in 2017 and will lay the groundwork for the rest of the development. Our initial activity will be focused on infrastructure including connection to the Northgate interchange.  Phase 1 of the Northgate Development includes a retail center, the beginning of an Office IT Park, and about 500-1000 residential units.


What type of residential units will be in Northgate?

Northgate is a mixed-use residential model. There will be a mix of estate lots, condos, apartments, and everything in between.


Where is the funding coming from?

Some of the core development infrastructure (e.g., the Northgate Interchange and Olympus Road extension) is being funded in public/private partnerships.  All other Northgate development is being funded privately.


Whom do I talk to to buy a home, retail, or office site?

The Northgate Development team has been working hard to solidify the best partnerships for this project. As these partnerships are finalized, contact information will be made available on this website. In the meantime, you can send requests and questions through our "Questions Portal" and we can contact you with more information as needed.