At its heart: New Urbanism, idealistic design that allows you to walk or bike to work and wander to grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, concerts, events, and parks.

Northgate’s spaces will be alive with buzz, full of interaction and commerce, and activated socially. The community will provide over 1 million square feet of office space, capable of housing thousands of jobs, integrated with Eastern Idaho’s finest destination retail center. Wherever you are in Northgate, you’ll connect easily to our parks, miles of dedicated paths and trails, and look out of balconies onto open spaces. Sycamore trees will grace the parkways, iron lamps will light your way, and unique colors and textures will invite you home.

Northgate features a live, work, and play environment, delivering Idaho’s first truly walkable, bikeable community experience, and will be designed and built to green neighborhood standards with full Smart Home automation for every unit. Residential development in Northgate will include single-family homes, estates, condos, apartments, and everything in between.

Median home cost

$410,000 Utah
$240,000 Idaho

We want you to hire great employees and we want them to stay with you. Knowing that personnel expenses are often the highest for a business, our covenant housing is designed to keep costs down so that your workforce is paid well and stay with your business. Builders will profit via volume. Inflation is intended to be minimal. With those two in mind, Northgate is trying to help you keep the people you hire. People at all levels will be able to live in high-, medium- and low-density housing.

Residential District

The Residential district at Northgate will include single family homes, estates, condos, apartments, and everything in between. The vision is for a true live, work, and play community. Fully walkable and bikeable, you’ll be able to shop, work, and live in a beautiful, high quality community.  Coming 2019!

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