Northgate’s Office and Technology spaces will house over a million square feet of office space for more than 7,000 employees. Fiber-fed Class-A shell space will be available to customize quickly for your company’s convenience, or as an alternative, pads will be available for complete custom construction.

All commercial buildings will maintain Class-A quality and architecture, and can be built to ensure SCIF compliance.

Savings projections in facilities per sq. foot

$30-40 Utah
$25 Idaho
(based on 150 sq. ft. per employee)

Savings of $750-2,250 per employee

Tech job average salary

$108,000 Utah
$75,000 Idaho

Savings of $33,000 per employee

One way employers evaluate locations is based on the number of students in higher education within the nearby “talentshed.” There are more than 188,000 students within the 200-mile talentshed surrounding eastern Idaho. Compare this with the 44,000 students in the Boise talentshed and it’s easy to see why eastern Idaho is special.

Nearby universities include: BYU; BYU-Idaho; College of Eastern Idaho; College of Southern Idaho; Idaho State University; Utah State University; Utah Valley University; University of Utah; Weber State University; Westminster College; and others.

Recognizing that jobs are the backbone, Southeast Idaho was specifically chosen for Northgate. With a reasonable cost of living and a high-quality of life, the Pocatello area makes perfect sense for businesses to be able to pay good wages and retain workers, while earning a profit.


By the year 2040 Boise is expected to grow by more than 440,000 and the Wasatch Front is expected to grow by more than 789,000. This regional growth is pushing those markets away from affordability, and into expensive redevelopment cycles and other urban challenges including poor air quality, traffic congestion, and sprawl.

Northgate, at the center of an interstate corridor connecting the booming Salt Lake Valley’s business market with the largest and most prestigious intermountain universities, is strategically situated to capture this growth. With its modern and human-friendly design, Northgate has created the perfect environment for accommodating this growth while enhancing the Portneuf Valley’s already-excellent quality of life.

Business Economy

• Pocatello has been recognized by Forbes as a “Best Small Place for Business” 6 years in a row.

• Pocatello was ranked 2nd on Forbes Cost of Doing Business index.

• Pocatello has been ranked 1 of the top 10 small places to move and raise a family according to Primary Relocation and World ERC.

• Pocatello has also been ranked by the AARP as one of the top cities in the U.S. to retire and one of the Best Small Cities in America by NerdWallet.

Economic Profile

Key Economic Indicators and Differentiators:

• Approximately 1,500 white-collar jobs expected in the next 24 months.

• No Class-A space or premium lots; Northgate will provide the exclusive supply.

• Exceptionally talented workforce that functions as an extension of the Wasatch Front/Silicon Slopes market.

• Unmatched housing affordability, 25-50% lower than Salt Lake City and Boise markets.

• Regionally recognized training and talent in Energy Technology, Robotics, and Automation.

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